Work On Your Game

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This past March, I said goodbye to my basketball team for the offseason, having exit meetings with each player before they headed out for their exams and then their summer. I told them that every off-season of college basketball they have, the should make it their goal to add one more skill to their arsenal. Whether it was a new post move, a higher vertical jump, a new attack from the perimeter, they need to add one more tool to make themselves into a more complete player. I explained that if they play four seasons, and have three summers away from the team, they should be able to add 3 new aspects to their game and be the best player they can be in their fourth year.

There is no reason that this philosophy can’t work in our teaching careers either. If we teach for 25 years, that’s 24 summers to develop 24 tools to make us better educators. For me, this summer I plan to learn about video capture and editing, using my computer, iPad, iPhone and video camera. Our school wants to look at making the learning in our building more public, to share what is going on at Greystone with our parents, colleagues and our community. That is one tool I can definitely make good use of and will sharpen my game as an educator.

What part of your teaching game are you going to work on this summer? What weapon will be added to your educational arsenal? How are you going to come back stronger and model for your students the ideas of lifelong learning, goal setting and self improvement? Please share them with me, your summer improvement plans may inspire others to follow your lead!

One thought on “Work On Your Game

  1. I like what you said you told your players in your meetings. I use the “Work On Your Game” phrase often myself when speaking to players. Your players may find some of my training content useful for their offseason workouts:

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